Ukulele exercise: fingerpicking pattern #3


How do you like fingerpicking? Here is a new ukulele fingerpicking exercise pattern, and I’m sure you’ll love it!

About this ukulele fingerpicking exercise pattern:

This fingerpicking pattern starts like pattern #1, but a little longer because it goes back to the first note using the same notes.
Simply follow the tablature and you’ll see that if you “got” pattern #1, this one will come easily.
Try it with all the chords you know, it always sounds good!

Open in a wider tab or download :


This pattern sounds good with every chord, so make sure you get it well. If you struggle, go back to fingerpicking exercise pattern #1 and practice, practice, practice whenever you have a few times!
Don’t forget to see my lessons if you want to learn ukulele, my list of tablatures and my blog, it’s full of useful stuff!

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