Ukulele exercise: Stretching your fingers #1


You’ll need to be able to stretch your fingers to make difficult chords for example in order to play blues and jazz. Here is the first stretching ukulele exercise you need to do, using the chromatic scale. 


How long?

Don’t do this exercise too long or you’ll be bored: it’s only a warm-up for your fingers. You should do it for 5 minutes, or maybe less if you have other ukulele exercises.


For this exercise #1, keep only one finger on the fretboard: You start with the 1, then when you put the 2 you put off the 1 after you put the 3 so you put off the 2, …


You should start very slowly until you “get” it. For example, you can start at 40 BPM, and make one note by beat. You can find a metronome HERE.
You should add 10 BPM each time you feel confident with your speed, and keep it for a few days.


You should do this exercise before your daily practice. If you don’t have daily practice program, see my post about it HERE!
To conclude, you should do it every day!

Open in a wider tab or download :


Doing this exercise will make your hand more flexible, your fingers will be able to stretch more. That is freeing your fingers! Once you feel really comfortable with this fingers movement, head on to exercise #2.

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