Ukulele exercise: Stretching your fingers #2


Have you seen exercise #1? You should start with this one!
If yes, you’ll find here the next finger stretch ukulele exercise, very similar but it uses different muscles and tendons.

About this finger stretch ukulele exercise:

This ukulele exercise uses the same scale and the same fingers that exercise #1,  but the difference is that you keep your fingers on the fretboard. 
You put your index on the 1, then your middle finger on the 2 while keeping your index on 1, then your ring finger while keeping the other ones…

Also, you always move only 1 finger, so when you change of string, you’ll move only the index finger first.
For example, that means that after 1, 2, 3, 4 on the G string, your index goes on the 1st fret of the C string but your 3 others fingers are still on the G string!

For the speed and the frequency, it’s the same that written on exercise #1.

Open in a wider tab or download :


Practice every day and you will feel a lot better with chords using half the fretboard. For another finger stretching using your ukulele, go to exercise #3

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