Lesson #1 : Ukulele sizes

The 4 different sizes of ukuleles


On lesson #1, we’ll start from the beginning. You are just discovering about ukuleles and you want to know more about them? You’re in a good place!

First of all, you have to discover different ukulele sizes. There are 4 different sizes, and on this page, I will explain clearly the difference between them. Ukulele sizes lesson, let’s go!


Soprano ukuleles are the smallest kind of ukuleles and tend to be the most common as they can be had for a pretty low price (great for beginners). They are known for their bright, “jangly” sound. 


A concert ukulele is slightly bigger compared to a soprano and a tenor ukulele is even bigger than a concert. As the size of the ukulele gets bigger, this makes the tone of the ukulele sound warmer and richer in tone (not as bright).


This ukulele is even bigger, being slightly larger than the concert ukulele. 


The biggest ukulele is the baritone ukulele. It sounds even deeper in pitch and tone than the other sizes of ukuleles because it is tuned like the bottom four strings of a guitar.

Well done !
Ukulele master 10%

You’ve finished the first lesson of ukulele-pdf : Ukulele sizes lesson ! Now you should head up to lesson #2: The different parts of a ukulele.

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